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Closed Listings purpose....???


Maybe I'm not understanding something here...

I create my listings with Auctiva... They then become Saved Listings or Scheduled Listings... Then they go to Active Listings...and finally to Closed Listings.

What I'm wondering is what would be the purpose of Importing Saved Listings that I used Auctiva to post? I mean, wouldn't I just end up with 2 of each listing at that point then? One that I Saved/Scheduled...and one that is now closed...

What's the whole purpose of having a Closed Listings page if I posted the auction using Auctiva and it's still a Saved Listing?

If I sell mostly one of a kind things that when they are gone they are gone...should I just delete the listing from my Saved Listings when I post it...and then only Import the ones that did not sell?

I'm trying to understand the design concept behind this, or maybe I'd just like to hear how other people are using the whole Saved/Scheduled/Closed Listings concept...

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