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Reply to "Contacting Auctiva Members"

Originally posted by Fatman:
Thank you Donna!
Forever in your debt!
Name your price (as long as it's in barnyard animals) Wink

I accept GBuy, Paypal, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks and good ole U S of A cash! <big smile> Farm animals will be happily acepted after my next move farther out to the sticks.

Thank you for your kind words.

I pass along what I've learned from kind persons who've helped me along the way. I'm paying forward all of those kind people who've helped me in the past.

I have a LONG way to me.

I've never written a guide but....

I'm a published "authorette." Deborah Ford, the author of GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) has published a second book titled "Puttin on the Grits." Printed with permission is a story straight out of my gray matter!! My story along with my name is in black and white and the city I hail from right below the story. I'm SO proud of myself...The link is below to the book!

Puttin On The Grits, A Southern Guide To Entertaining

Now our very own BTPS has a guide she's published..honest! She's out of town for a week or two and will be back to share the link with everyone..or it might already be on this forum somewhere.

My Best and if you need to ask me anything..I don't mind.

Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com

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