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Reply to "Customer won't pay - I need advice"

I am dealing with one sneaky buyer.

I filed the UPI, saying that I had not received payment.

She contacted me and said that she wanted to back out of the sale. I said fine. I told her that she had to respond to the UPI dispute and then I would mark it as us agreeing to cancel the sale.

She reponded saying "Hi!!!".

Then she email me again saying, for the second time, that she just wanted to back out of the sale.

So I marked the dispute as us mutually agreeing to back out of the sale.

Then she went in, said that she did not agree, she still wanted the item, and closed the dispute. And I haven't heard from her since. Now I get no credit and she doesn't get a strike. Clever.

And after she said she wanted out, I offered her item up for sale on a second chance offer. So I may not even have it to give to her if she DID pay.

What the heck do I do, now?
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