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Reply to "Did Not See It Coming!"

How's this for for a neg I got a while back:

"Item was beautiful as usual but my husband didn't like it"

And that was from a repeat buyer!

My sales have dropped by 50% this month so I asked ebay if they had altered the visability of my items.
They replied saying
"sorry you don't like the new feedback system"

I know they are messing around with the search system as well but if this goes on much longer I'm probably going to pack it in.
I have over 5000 positives and 99.6% overall but for the last 3 months alone it works out at 98.5% and they are implying this is why they are punishing me.
On the UK powerseller discussion board they are going nuts and loads of powersellers are getting 1 month suspensions because their three month rate dropped to 95% due to too many neutrals.

Anyone know what is being said on the US boards?
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