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Reply to "Did Not See It Coming!"

If you want to check out announcements that are going on with eBay AND what other eBay'ers feel about these's always smart to check out the EBay Seller Central Forums

Keeps you the seller/buyer up on the latest announcements AND the opinions of others. (Of course there is the announcements page with eBay also)

My feelings are that we are heading towards a feedback system that is similar to Amazon's and eBay is easing us into the new standard.

I was told by an eBay rep that there were going to be six MAJOR changes to eBay before July/August that would rock the boat...majorly.

We've seen lots already...and more will come in the coming months.

There are no neutrals on Amazon. I also feel that when the rockin of the boat on eBay feedback/DSR rating comes to a slow-down...eBay will match Amazon's DSR rating almost to a T.

Gotta stay up on the changes that are going on with eBay..might not like them, but it is imperative that each and every seller keep up with the latest updates and announcements, rather than being caught off-guard.
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