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Did you know?

This thread isn't meant to garnish responses. I won't be answering any subsequent posts.
I appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

Did you know it is a felony to hack into someone else's computer, website or data system?

Did you know it is a crime to call places like CPS and report someone without 'real' cause as a means of harrassment?

Did you know it is crime to stalk and harrass people? Like sending pizza to someone's home as a joke (when you aren't friends and don't even like one another), calling CPS on someone for fun or breaking into someone's computer, etc.. All crimes and punishable in a court of law. The law, you remember the law, right? If not, you should.

Did you know all of these deeds carry a trail leading back to you (the criminal) that cannot be erased?

Did you know many believe what you put out comes back to you? I think it's called, karma. Although, some might call it justice. Heck, maybe it's both.

Did you know 'your' karma is on its way?

You're spinning webs that will strangle you one day. You're building a long list of those who will attend your fall. Enjoy yourselves while you can because your fall will come and when it does, you'll fall hard. You'll have no one to blame but yourselves. There aren't enough prayers to get you out of the mess you've made.

Did you know 'sometimes' the hunters become the hunted?

Well, if you didn't, you do now.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some people should be content watching the grass grow. Instead of committing felonies.
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