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Reply to "Did you know?"

In answer to your question.

The title, The Biddy Bunch (not my creation) was never assigned specifically to anyone.

Just as guilt for these 'crimes' has never been specifically assigned to anyone.

Perhaps, it is better explained this way.

Ever catch your child with chocolate on his face and hands, asked him if he ate the only cookie left and he replied, “What cookie?” The neighbor kid isn’t crying, “What cookie, what cookie!” He didn’t eat the cookie and would feel no reason to protest. If he did protest, I would think he got a portion of it because my kid shared it with him.

All the protesting is sort of like that. I hear the neighbor kid crying out, “What cookie?” It’s the manner of denial when no name was mentioned, no finger pointed, no one specifically accused, but all I hear from this group is, “What cookie?” If you don’t have chocolate on your face and hands, don’t sweat it, if you do its indelible chocolate...

What is all of this, The Tell-Tale Heart?
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