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Reply to "Did you know?"

Originally posted by cakethings:
I just don't understand why this has to be brought over here onto the Auctiva community.

I am unable to post in the forum this group posts in because the registration is closed.

What little I've posted here served an important purpose that I'm unable to go into at this time. Besides, not much has been brought here by me. This thread shouldn't matter to you or anyone. Pass it by.

I've posted many positive and helpful threads prior to this thread. So, for me to post this here and at this time, was important or I wouldn't have done it. I've pretty much accomplished what I needed to accomplish here with this thread.

I'll end this thread by saying this, be careful who you talk to online. Some people are troublemakers who end up convicted criminals. This is my goal. To bring justice where injustice has been committed. We have laws and I intend to see them enforced to their fullest extent. Hopefully, the next time (it might take awhile) I post on this subject it will be to disclose who each and every one of these troublemaker(s) / criminal(s) are. By then, it will part of the public record.

Afterall, lawnmowers don't lie.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding regarding this thread.

Thank you. Smile
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