Reply to "Do I have to upload all new images"


I have closed my account as this restriction makes Auctiva totally useless for someone importing files. As I said, maybe someone should talk to the other parties that do not have an issue. Turbo Lister is of course Ebay(so not sure how they could be breaking any rules or policies) and inkFrog is a trusted partner of Ebay.

As I said, Auctiva's issue has been around for a long time and still not resolved.

The other issue that is still there is deleting all the shipping methods which again makes the files useless.

I tried chat but personally, they are useless as they keep telling me what the problem is which I am fully aware of, no where do they give me a cause of the problem. It is also in my cases.

Maybe Auctiva is Ok for someone starting new with nothing to import but I am not prepared to test that as well at my time and paying Auctiva for that.

As I said before. maybe Auctiva because of these issues, should give users free months to redo all the listings from scratch to see if these 2 major issues still show up or Auctiva could test that as well.

I was with Auctiva for many years from the time they were free and really liked the program. They have however, developed a lot of issues known to them, and done nothing to fix the issues
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