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Reply to "Do you know about the Ebay Boycott May 1st and Beyond??"

Just call me Choo or something else that won't get censored Wink

I have had loads of old hardware and software engineering books all of which cost double here in the UK compared to the USA but technology moves on at an increasing rate so now the shipping alone rights them off as being of any value to sell.

I am going to be very blunt here and say that "Extra work/effort I don't want or need" is the way to become extinct and personally I tend to give up on people with that attitude, however I will just consider you said that in the heat of the moment.

Greedbay owes us NOTHING, ZILCH, ZERO and why on earth should they, they have moved on from the original concept and will NEVER turn back.

I too have built an infrastructure with the Auctiva tools and created macro loaded spreadsheets around selling on greedbay. Now I am expanding them to incorporate further sites and using as much of Auctiva tools as possible to support listing on other sites.

If you persist in your present attitude you are in for a rough time because there are not any good Samritans to financilally help us out, anymore than for an ailing brick built store.

I should have site diversified earlier, I have two choices, become aggressively proactive in marketing myself, or become an employee again.

The choices for you must be similar from what you said earlier about bills to pay.

We are spolit with greedbay and Auctiva and while you and no doubt others take this view then you will continue to bloat greedbay until they bleed you all dry.

And regards "I'd never find the item to package it!" you obviously need to spend more time on inventory control.

Most of what I do has been told in answering many others on these boards even over the last week or two.

So if what I said offends, sorry, but I think you need a shake up Smile
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