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Reply to "eBay Android App not displaying images enlarged"

I did open a new ticket yesterday...

  • Case ID: 673500
  • Assigned Agent: Martin
  • Updated: Nov 13, 2018 03:10PM PST
  • Created: Nov 12, 2018 08:41PM PST


I just put up a new listing (173639377253). It was an old listing that I had saved but I changed the template (Name of template :fairy  Layout: Creative Display Skin: default Images: 15) and posted it. The issue with the images on the android app are still there. When I click the image it then opens it, hovering over the list of images but I can't stretch it. On an iphone I have it stretches fine.
Does the listing have to be totally from scratch? Is that the issue?
I also did a create similar listing (173639516156) from an old one and picked a new template and the same issue occurs. The only image that can be enlarged on either listing is the Image 1 that eBay uses as the main picture.

This one has template name: art deco Layout: Creative Display Skin: Gold Images: 11

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