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eBay changes store inventory listings in search results

Not sure how many of you saw this today from eBay. Looks like they are going back to only showing store listings in search results if there are fewer than 30 auction style or fixed price listings.

"Hi everyone. As you may know, we recently implemented an expansion of item search results to include all Store Inventory listings. Our intent was to provide more exposure for these listings while improving buyers' shopping experience by showing more listings in search results.
In the few weeks since we launched this new feature, it's become clear to us that it's had some unintended consequences. Many buyers have found that their searches are now producing too many results, and that search results overall are sometimes less relevant than they used to be. In addition, Auction-Style and Fixed Price listings are harder to find for buyers, so sellers of these items have unintentionally been put at a disadvantage.

We strive to deliver the best buying experience on the eBay marketplace. Therefore, we're going to discontinue this feature while we further test and refine it. Given the unintended consequences we’ve seen, we want to take more time to optimize this feature and ensure a healthy balance between Auction-Style, Fixed Price and Store Inventory listings on eBay. This is in the interests of both buyers and sellers.

We plan to make this change within the next couple of weeks – it will take several days to fully launch across the site. Essentially, we will make search the way it was in early February, with up to 30 Store Inventory listings appearing when there are 30 or fewer Auction-Style or Fixed Price listings in a buyer's search results. Buyers who wish to broaden their search results with all Store Inventory listings, will still be able to do so by selecting a box in the Search Options area on the search results page."

Well, that was too good to be true...hope they come up with a solution soon.

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