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Reply to "eBay Duplicate Listing Policy Announcement"

Hi where are you all finding the tool to check duplicate listings?

I got an email "supposedly" from ebay saying I have 4 and to download something. I did not do it because I have been getting tons of emails that ebay says are not coming from them regarding gallery pictures so was leery of opening it.

Ebay said notes from them will be be my messages IF they are from ebay and mine on duplicate listings was not.

Frankly I do not fully believe them but that is their story.

IF there is online tool to check would you tell me where it is?? Not that I am going to remove them anyway, but would like to see how accurate their tool is. We will see how well they do their job and are able to execute their rules. Funny, since they announced this, the pages are LOADED and I mean LOADED with people trying to dump their wares. I was looking for printer ink and the kind I use had about 300 from the same seller.

Thanks so much.

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