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Reply to "eBay screwing with Auctiva Users ---AGAIN"

Originally posted by MountainMan41:
Today I went to a listing on eBay and ALL of my pictures and ALL of my description and ALL of my Auctiva Banner of other items for sale are GONE!!!!

In order to view any of that a buyer must find a tiny button amongst all the other ads other people are selling items LIKE mine...Of course eBay does not care WHICH item sells as long as they get one sold so the put up competing ads on MY listing...

But back to my RANT for today...

The ONLY way to view any of the Auctiva produced parts of my eBay listing is to find the little button that says "See Full Description." Similar on a phone, but there the only hint of all my hours of ad writing is hidden behind a tiny ">".

This is happening as of 6-27-17.....what's up with this?
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