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Reply to "eBay screwing with Auctiva Users ---AGAIN"

Hello Community –

We have heard back from eBay regarding the issue with the View Full Description button appearing on listings when viewed on a full system and this is a test that eBay is currently running.

eBay let us know:
1. this test effects a small amount of users.
2. If a buyer/viewer is seeing this on a listing, they will also see the same for all other listings.
3. This is not an effect of using a 3rd party provider, this test is only affected by who the buyer/viewer is–this test is not affected by which listing is being viewed or who the seller is.
4. This test is not permanent, and should end in a couple of weeks. and
5. Because this is a short term test, there is not a way to opt out.

Please also note that if you have encountered this and believe that this may be negatively effecting your sales, please contact eBay and let them know.

- Craig
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