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Reply to "Ebay store fees"

Originally posted by Moonandstarman:
Ok I started doing that last night. Sent alot of my low priced items to Fixed Price auctions. Man oh man. I can't believe it. I sold 5 things last night. The 5 things were items that I had sitting in my store for 8 weeks no offers no nothing. Then BAM move them out to the auction side and they sell. This just made my mind up. I'm closing up shop and going back to Auctions at least Fixed Price Auctions. I knew my store items were not coming up in searches on the auction side. This just proved it.

This kinda of sucks though. I had KWK designs work on my store image not to long ago and now I'm closing it. Well at least I can keep the about me page, banner and template.

Thanks for your helo suthrnjewel

You're welcome.

I'm so glad you're having good luck with the auction. My personal thoughts are that eBay has been maneuvering the search function so our store items aren't found readily and has been for months. Then throw us off balance with fee increase when least expected. Persons close stores and move items into auctions which sell and voila..third quarter totals that are reported to the board and others are raised.

I'm glad it's worked for you and your selling.

KWK does great work and your template is proof positive of that! Beautiful!

Be sure to save never know, eBay might change their fee structure (nyuck nyuck) and we might be able to sell in our stores without dropping wad of cash.

You take care and if I can ever need me to throw my two cents in, just let me know.

Increased Green wished your way,
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