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Reply to "Ebay store fees"

uhhh..I do know what Paypal is for. I've been selling since the late 90s.

I have my Paypal set up to accept only US dollars.

I do not accept pounds, yen or goats or any other source of payment from another country.

It MUST be made in US dollars. I will not convert funds for them. I expect US funds and US funds only.

I trusted a customer one time and one time only to send cash in their own currency.

I won't do it again. The sale was for less than 10.00 US plus shipping. Less than 15.00 total.

Number one: The exchange rate was too high
Number two: My bank had a minimum 100.00 US Dollar ratio minimum for converting
Number three: Bank transfers cost $$$
Number four: I don't trust international money orders in US dollars

Maybe in the Netherlands your bank charges aren't high..but in the Good Ole U S of A?

They are high.

Always doublecheck your facts before posting as alot of members might just go on your word and I know you mean no harm. That which works in the Netherlands might not for the US.

Before anyone jumps into doing sure to check the facts and the links I've put up.

One should also remember that eBay is facing two major lawsuits...

directly or indirectly related to the selling from China, or the selling of products manufactured in China... the fakes ... the knock-offs.

The easiest way to get rid of the problem would be to delete eBay China from eBay... and then regulate the entry of new sellers to or elsewhere.
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