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Reply to "Ebays Desperate"

i encountered same problem and posted about it on forums at ebay. doubt a pink has responded yet, though (but never know)

ebay's discussion board for contest

clues so far for build the phrase:

edit - Maureen (an ebay pink) has verified that each day's clues address a specific drop-down menu in order; that clues #1 and #2 are for drop-down box #1, Clues #3 & #4 are for box #2, etc.

clue # 1 (What it isnt) posted May 10th -
Articulate it
Cows utter to put across
The tracks to train them

clue # 2 (What it is) posted May 10th -
Endless trail, ending
Finding meaning in it all
ELO did it

clue # 3 (What it isn't) posted May 11th -
Fancy, parties planned
Intended for hankering
For a hunk of cheese

clue # 4 (What it is) posted May 11th -
The end of all things
an implied situation
the boot east, westward

clue # 5 (What it isn't) posted May 12th -
Always going up
Those with water on one side
Do not condemn patrons

clue # 6 (What it is) posted May 12th -
Water streams, echoes
The net filters pollutants
I want to be there

clue # 7 (What it isnt) posted May 13th -
Go big or go home
Leather pants and electric
The show will go on

clue # 8 (What it is) posted May 13th -
Lifelong amusement
To experience with those
Who you may not know

clue # 9 (What it isnt) posted May 14th -
For you, time stands still
Be the King or Queen of time
With riches galore

Clue #10 that was posted, was incorrect. Maureen posted the correct clue

CLUE #10 (What it is):
Get out or stay in
Make it here or make it anywhere
It’s a rush to see

Clue #11 (What it's not)
Ride the cool rapids
hold your hands high in the air
on top of the world

Clue #12 (What it is)
Stay up late at night.
Spin, roll or shop all day long.
Find fortune or fame.

Additional hint by Maureen relating to an earlier hai-clue: The name eBay was created when the founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, tried to register the domain for his new company. Since "echo" was already taken he shortened it and tried which was available.

Note: this additional hint referring to an "earlier" clue was posted after clue #6, but on same day as #6. So, it could be referring to one of the clues #1-4 or could be any of clues 1-6. Personally, I think it's referring to clue #6.

Additional hint by Maureen - What It Isnt clues may eliminate more than one selection, What It Is clues point to a specific selection in drop down box.
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