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Reply to "Exposure For Your Site"

Originally posted by leahyrlw:
Thanks for the info. Rated everyone I recognized. I emailed them yesterday requesting a category be added. I recieved an email this morning noting that it had been added so I could now edit my listing. They certainly have the communication skills.
Thanks again,

leahyrlw, Your welcome, the woman that started that link site is one smart lady...I dont know her personally but I have taked to her through emails...and she is very intelligent and hungry for success.

BTPS, I already have an ecrater store..its listed below...though I think Ive changed my mind about the vintage lamp business...Its not that it isnt profitable because people do love them old lamps...its the room you need for inventory..Im crammed in here the way it

I need something Ive been talking to a dealer I know in westvirginia about a good business to get into (Like I need More to do) She is telling me Baby Clothes are profitable...I dont know squat about baby clothes though..Maybe My interest in freaky baby avatars is a sign...lmao
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