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Reply to "Fall Stock"

Originally posted by Lizzardo7:
I was reading the store boards on Ebay and they were saying that only the current insertion fees will be honored before the price hike. The new FVF will apply to anything sold in the store after the 22nd. In other words many of us myself included were going to do a mass relist before the 22nd to get at least 30 more days at the current fees. There is alot of confusion between GTC and 30 day listings. You might want to check it out though prior to relisting all items back to the store. I am already listing my fall clothing right along with my summer stuff just to try to get it in the store.

This is what I have found --- and it has not changed since the announcement was put out. IT still appears that way in the announcement --

These Store Inventory format insertion fees take effect Aug. 22, 2006:

Starting Price New Insertion Fee Current Fee

$0.01 – 24.99 5¢ 2¢
$25.00 – and higher
10¢ 2¢

Some Store Inventory format final value fees also will increase, effective Aug. 22, 2006:

Selling Price New Final Value Fee Current Fee

$0.01 – 25.00 10% 8%
$25.01 – 100.00
7% 5%
$100.01 – 1,000.00 5% (no change) 5%
$1,000.01 and higher 3% (no change) 3%

Please note that for current listings, the new final value fees will apply only after these listings are renewed.

It's still in the orginal announcement
currnetly about half way down the page

AS FOR THE GTC -- they RENEW every 30 days = same as a new listing.
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