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Reply to "Find Product Nor working can someone pls. check Appliances"

Mike, this appears to be in all small appliance areas that have find or at least ones I have checked.

Honestly, this is yet another go around! It is a time consumer. It has hit the point that I need a chart to remember what browser to use for which function and/or what to go to ebay to re-do and what to come back and change in auctiva later on.

Most of us are NOT paid by the hour or on salary, we are paid for what we list and sell.

Items without this do not sell well, in addition that means we have to put the details in ourselves which is a time eater, and going in and re-doing is absurd and again a time waster. (fine for one listing, but when you have a few to list...time waster)

These go around are KILLING ME!!!

Mike, honestly I post on forum to see if others have issue or if it is isolated. I write support for help & because usually it is requested we write them. I often think that support staff does not read the question. They one line it and respond with something that you know they did not read all of request. I do hope you read your reps original response to my question was really simple like 3 lines, and her answer had NOTHING whatsoever to do with what I asked. Please, please, please ask your reps to read the question before responding, as going back & forth asking them if they "checked" issue is time waster. I realize it is easy to throw ebay under the bus, but this is NOT an ebay issue, as ebay system IS working.

Hate to sound irritated, but it seems as though category changes were made by ebay (not your issue) and that the functions were not tested in auctiva. (IS your issue). And then add on top the response from support. A simple request and 4 to 5 emails later???

Thanks for your help, please put this on fix list asap, as I am not excited about doing listing in Auctiva, listing, then going into ebay and fixing and then remembering next round to fix in auctiva system if in fact, it is fixed on the next round. If not I have to repeat above until it is fixed. Spending time doing and keeping up with more go arounds since I relist from the Saved Listing Page and have no plans to change that because of duplicates hitting when using the closed listing page for this.

Thanks for the help.
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