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Reply to "Gallery pictures are not transferring over either"

My post is from MY experience, not others.

I can't honestly can't account for 2004 (first I could not think back that far) and I don't believe I used auctiva then, believe I started the in 2006 ish with auctiva. I used ebay before then and I probably did not check within seconds of listing posting. But again, I was not posting near as many items as I do now. Since I am somewhat obsessive compulsive am sure I checked and rechecked even then within a few minutes.

But I just looked and according to my records, I did not list on 17th of October, so this had no impact on my listings. There were quite a few days in there that I did not list.

BUT, normally if I see a problem on auctiva...especially if it is acknowledged by auctiva I try to avoid listing until I have given the issue time to settle. Or that I see on facebook and/or forums ebay or auctiva, that people are no longer talking about issue.

Now during holidays that may be totally different story, as I want to get listings on even if I have to hand put the photographs in ebay.

I am not saying I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER had an image issue, as I would almost bet at some point I have. I usually try to contain my comments to last few months. And I do not really consider 4 or 5 images not posting a real widespread issue, though could have posted a note with 4 or 5 missing so that others could check their listings.

I am not a computer tech person by any means, but wonder if issues are sometimes geographic, even within US. As I notice that people in say UK will have a problem that we do not seem to be having, etc.

Just a thought....
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