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Reply to "Gallery pictures are not transferring over either"

You are missing the point and a factor in this. There were also other aspects of the listing that did not transfer over.
It is not on eBay's end.

Just because eBay doesn't go around blaming everyone else for issues doesn't mean they are all theirs either. There was also an issue with McAfee and then every gallery picture was blamed on that even though not everyone was using McAfee. My issue is also not related to that one.
Not all issues are the same. The cause of the problems are not all the same...and as such all resolutions and answers should not be the same

The issue I posted about was not the issue from a month ago either.

Really....the issues need to be resolved. Auctiva doesn't need help avoiding them.

I talked to eBay before posting here...which you are not aware of and that really doesn't need to be advised. I am far from inexperienced with eBay Auctiva or computers...they checked my whole account backwards and forwards. The listing came over wrong. Period.

It was NOT just the gallery image that was an issue here. Why is that so hard to understand. This is NOT the same issue. I posted it separately because whatever is going on is NOT related to the eBay issue from a month ago. It is not related to the McAfee issue and it is not just the gallery pictures that were affected....but merely one aspect of a larger issue.

Is it because the words "gallery picture" were used and since eBay HAD an issue with that a month ago...this MUST be the same issue?? Just throw are hands up and blame eBay and deal with the fact that nothing will really be fixed. WRONG.

Ed no disrespect and I apologize if this comes across badly or harsh but you are not privy to the inner technical account workings on eBay or Auctiva and not of my account.
You are taking ONE of a few unrelated issues "from a month ago" and trying to make that my issue now and it is not.

It is an Auvtiva issue which is why I posted in on the Auctiva board and filed the corresponding support tickets for it.

I want the issue fixed not swept under the rug, not blamed on other past issues that ARE UNRELATED because someone unrelated that doesn't have specific knowledge of MY ISSUE decided it was not an Auctiva issue when I already know it is and eBay already knows it is and why I posted it here.
It is frustrating enough when Auctiva does it and doesn't listen to what has been said and I am about frustrated out with all this lately.
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