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Reply to "Gallery Plus!"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
The regular gallery is wayyyyy overrated. Now, here comes eBay with Gallery Plus! Gee, it will only be .75 a pop! Are they crazy? Better take your best pictures because any seller using Gallery Plus with poor pictures will have buyers NEVER entering their listing! I believe, Gallery Plus is a HUGE ripoff!

I'll say it again..............KEYWORDS.

Learn your crucial keywords sellers and use them. Forget the rest. It's all propaganda.


I believe just as Magie does...use Gallery when it's called for...but I believe the Gallery Plus is a bend me over situation.

Key Words!

I use the above link the most as it will get buyers using Google into your eBay site. Or oscommerce site (I still haven't got my teeth sunk into the VA store..<sigh>Wink
This is secondary to me, but still a plus.

Hey Magie!
I have two emails for you in my drafts...gotta remember to send them out to you. Look for them no later than Sunday, ok?

My Best,
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