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Originally posted by spunkychk:
This reminds me of my early years on the internet when I used America Online as a crutch. Eventually so many people dumped AOL due to its expense & restrictions that AOL went free.

Perhaps with many migrating away from eBay, they'll some day have to lighten up on sellers.

True dat in regards to AOL and it's membership.

As a seller, I hate AOL the email carrier/isp. I heard people could now have an email address free with AOL. (yes, the service is free with bring your own access)

Whadda joke, who would choose an AOL email address over Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo for a free email service?

In a recent poll by I believe CNET the AOL email system was the lowest on all counts.

99.9% of the time when I email an AOL member they don't receive it. I'd have to pull contact and call the customers at times and would be given a hard time about how wonderful AOL email service is...that I must not have been emailing them all along. Yeah right. Couple of years ago a handy hint was placed on a message board in regards to selling on eBay to AOL customers and the inability to get in touch with them. Send AOL members a .01 via Paypal with a message so they would receive it.

Now bout eBay....As long as eBay has members willing to not spread their wings and explore other avenues alongside eBay then they will keep raising their prices.

I used to have 800+ items in my store/core auctions under this ID. When they raised rates yet again, I cut back. I now have 200. I used to have two eBay IDs with stores. I now only have one.

Diversify and multiply.

Promote, Promote, Promote.

If you need more places to sell, just email me:
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com.

Good Luck,
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