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Reply to "Heavy pixelation in images"

Originally posted by nycbobby:
Would appreciate help with photo imaging.
Scanning many books with pictures to list on eBay. Some color and some b&w. Printed pages too. Scans come out fine in computer but when I upload to Auctiva and preview, some are good and some pictures have heavy pixelation and the pirnt is grainy and blurry. I've tried to re-size but maybe doing it wrong. Very frustrating as it's keeping me from listing.
Thank you!
Are you resizing on our site, or with a tool that you use before you upload? Our resize works, but if you upres (eg increase the size) of a picture very much it will cause pixelation and degrade the image quality. Even when using a professional image editing tool like Photoshop, you should avoid increasing your size more than 10% if at all possible.

No matter what you use, resizing will cause some image quality loss.

Your best bet to keep your image quality high is to set your scanner to output your scans at the size you want your pictures to be after you have uploaded them to us. Most scanners will let you set the output size. Be sure your resolution is 72 ppi for the output..that's the maximimum a browser can display..but smaller will look not so good.

FYI...the largest picture we store on our servers is 1024 x768 can load images bigger than that but that causes our servers to resize them down don't go bigger than 1024 x 768.

Here's a link to a pretty decent tutorial on all this

Hope this helps.
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