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Help, Can U add A Font To The Listing Editor

Hello all, I hope I can get some answers here. Sometimes I post and get nothing. OK, I am 'cleaning up' my store and I have been using Comic Sans MS for all of my listings, however I would prefer to use Lucida Calligraphy.
Now I know for a listing already created I can go into the HTML editor and replace the font names, and I know that for a new listing I can add the Lucida Calligraphy using the HTML editor.
I don't want to have to change 5-10 Comic Sans to Lucida per listing using the HTML...
Is there a way to permanently add it to my editor? You know where I can just highlight the entire description and use the drop down?
If the editor is only capable of holding 6 fonts can one be removed and replaced.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks All
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