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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

I just called ebay and was told photos have to have 500 pixels and prefer 1,000. They said mine should be showing. I gave them examples of ones that I KNOW are right size. She said, they will check and have someone email me within 72 hours (have rarely had email back so not holding my breath there). She also mentioned that this has been a feature since end of February...I just never checked mine until now.

They did not indicate it is auctiva...because believe me they are always willing to throw auctiva under the bus, so was quite surprised. That is usually their first response to any issue.


(I hate not using your name, but it starts with a auctiva M____. Hate to sound crazy...but this picture pack, do we need to do anything to make sure we have this???? I have not changed anything in auctiva or ebay for years with images...but if I need to change something please let me know where...and I can do that and give it a whirl...just not sure where to change.

IF I get email from ebay will sure post.

OTHERS if you would check a couple of your listings...would be greatly appreciated...perhaps in numbers we can find problem and get it fixed.

Ebay has previously told me that calls do make a difference....(i.e. squeaky wheel gets the grease!!) If only 3 of us call...we can count on this NOT being fixed anytime soon as I am sure they have bigger fish to fry!
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