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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"


I listed several items IN THE SAME CATEGORY BY DIFFERENT METHODS. These 4 listings were under my other seller ID of gottaletitgo2010. I use for each of my listings on eBay ID pattycyn and gottaletitgo2010.

Here are my findings:

item # 251133482475 LISTED DIRECTLY ON ebay using the sell-your-item form. 8 pictures uploaded and each one has the ZOOM feature.

item #261084286019 LISTED USING AUCTIVA with box checked to ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. Images uploaded to auctiva listing page and then to the 'enable optional ebay gallery images... All images show up and can be seen in the 'galery' position however NONE have the ZOOM Feature.

item 251133520065 LISTED USING AUCTIVA Images uploaded ONLY to the auctiva images. NO IMAGES WERE UPLOADED TO THE EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. One picture shows in eBay gallery area, and has the ZOOM feature working.

item #251133543761 LISTED USING AUCTIVA
iMAGES UPLOADED only TO THE AUCTIVA IMAGES. NO images were uploaded to the ebay gallery BUT I DID CHECK THE BOX FOR 'ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. The gallery image #1 from the Auctive images was automatically inserted.
One picture shows on the listing and the ZOOM Feature is working.

SO IT SEEMS THAT WHEN WE TRY TO UPLOAD MORE THAN 1 (one) image to the boxes for enabled optional eBay gallery images...the zoom does not work. See the glitch may be on auctiva?????

Cindy Hallsted adrcaiseb and/or gottaletitgo

Hopefully we'll get a reply and if now, I will open a support case. Thanks.
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