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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

Thanks to both of you for your investigative work, both of you. It is very much appreciated and may help get to root of issue.

I do not even think Auctiva was aware of issue unless someone reported to support and did not post on forums until I mentioned it. I really thought it was something I needed to check and had not noticed.

I just went back and checked quite a few listings for the last 3 months. First, I made sure were ebay compliant size for this feature to work. Mine have not shown zoom since May 19th (and probably before then) which is as far as ebay system will let me check back. (they dump them after 90 days). I frankly never remember seeing one of my listings with it. BUT I do not check each listing when listed to check. But from May 19th till today, none that I checked showed zoom.

IF ebay gets back with me on their 72 hours (doubt they will)....will post response.

If others check theirs please let us know.

There is sure something going on here.

My guess would be because it is weekend auctiva is out of picture until Monday. However, it sure will not hurt to call ebay. Make sure you tell them to send to technical if you do not, they will not. Also, ask for email on issue...(doubt they will send...but maybe if we all ask, they will send someone an email).

Thanks again.
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