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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

MIKE D. could this be the answer...Keyword here in Auctiva's own description is THUMBNAIL!

How can I add these thumbnail gallery images to my listing?
While creating a listing, check the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" box below the Auctiva Image Selection section. Select the images you want to show as thumbnails in the eBay Gallery. Note: these images must already be uploaded to your Auctiva account before they can be selected.
Originally posted by pattycyn:
Auctiva MIKE D.
This is so important because there is a WORLD of difference in how the listings show up on MOBILE..and it seems that that is the norm now-people listing and buying with the Mobile Phones. (Don't know if I would EVER be able to list using my fat fingers and my tiny keys on my phone!) BUT the numbers for mobile selling and buying are staggering so this needs to be addressed and fixed with eBay.
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