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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

As far as I am concerned this ball is in Auctiva court and them and ebay need to bounce it back & forth and come up with who it is that has problem, there is nothing else we can do usual we are the monkeys in the middle of their issues.

Thanks for all of your investigative reporting....appreciated.

I am listing as usual, sure do not put stops on for ebay - auctiva issues, but have had 2 or 3 buyers specifically ask for photos of a closer view... on items that had good pictures (several but they like the detail and asked one asking for the MOUSE ENLARGER ) that is what made me even look at them to see that this was missing. Older people (and my husband) do not use phones for shopping, as it is hard for them to learn and see items on phone. Same with detail, I think they have harder time seeing and that the zoom helps them a lot.

As far as my phone listings...I like them, and think the phone market is HUGE....BUT if ones items appeal to older shoppers not having the zoom is a problem. Actually most of the time when I buy I put inspect item closely on computer...if it passes then it goes on my watch list...then if I am out will buy from phone...BUT my first inspections are thorough and and do not make phone unless I have inspected photos carefully usually with zoom.

Auctiva...we do need fix for this to me this is URGENT!!! I want to attempt to be sell to ALL markets, not just the young or techie type. Lets face it, owning a phone like these is an expensive luxury in todays economy and some people just do not have them. Also, a lot of people do not feel secure buying on their cell phones. I actually buy on mine but do not pay from it. Otherwise we are really hitting only a younger generation or those who can afford extra gizmos and gadgets like luxury phones. Frankly a poor mans money spends just as good as a rich mans when they buy from me.

Just my thoughts...Auctiva????
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