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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

NEW FOUND PROBLEM.. NO ZOOM NO ENLARGE NOW!!! Some have zoom, some have enlarge, others have neither one???

Did not think about checked my christmas stocking...some have zoom, some enlarge, some neither..none have both.

Also did date check of date I re listed figuring it could be issue at a time of night I listed, same with above...

I did some relists last couple of days...and now a lot have neither the zoom NOR the click to enlarge picture.

When I Originally called ebay one of ones I mentioned to them did not zoom, they said, it did on their I figured well, it must be browser and forgot to go back and check in another.

I do wonder WHY ebay said some of my photos were 200 x 200??? (which obviously would not be but auctiva site showed normal size on ones we checked?)

Sooo guess digging deeper may be needed....since neither work right????
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