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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

You know..I am going to say what I think as this is an irritation that is costing us MONEY!!! Even if we have items listed, people can't enlarge/zoom photos. Obviously, if people do not use this, ebay would not have it and neither would most other sites. IT IS something SHOPPERS USE! (i know..I shop on ebay regularly and frankly, if persons items do not zoom enlarge, I go to another item...unless it is an item that I KNOW exactly what it will look like) ANY used item I use it on!!

17 days this has been going on this is absurd!!!

I have called ebay twice, at least. I got a phone call back within 3 days of my call on one in which I requested follow up via phone or email. (while I missed call, person did leave message.)

I find it hard to believe I am a measley customer out of millions of ebay sellers and got a call back (not that I am special it is not like a higher up called, but did get the call with some kind of explanation which I do not know is correct or not.

Auctiva can't get any answer or information on this and they are a service provider who has a 14 year relationship with ebay???? YES, 14 years...and here we sit!! Again, one would assume..... that they would have some priority and a go to person.

SURELY, auctiva has some kind of relationship with someone in ebay. Also, Auctiva, is your sister lister having same issue???? Surely, you have contacts there or have access to their forums so you can see if problems have been reported.

Frankly, we can follow up with ebay till the cows come home...but this is between auctiva and ebay again...and here we sit....again!! Waiting on two companies to duke it out!! there anything we need to be doing besides the calls we have already we need to call daily or what???
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