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Reply to "How to get Image Mouse Over AND Click to Enlarge on ebay listings"

Mike (also thanks for use of your name...that way people KNOW who we are talking too).

Thanks for your follow up.... sorry I misunderstood or did not read well. ..I thought we were in the total hurry up and wait mode with ebay and know what hurry up and wait can be with them sometimes.

Interestingly, I went on ebay forums today and there were several people on there having issues. I asked if they were using 3rd party and suggested they contact ebay.

Anyway...I did discover this tonight. I happened to be messing on my iphone and looked at a listing through the confirmation link...and it had zoom feature on it. Now...I got all excited...of course, checked from computer...and no zoom! This is really first time I have clicked link from phone from ebay confirmation and seen the zoom.

Hopefully this will be the END of this.

Also, Pattycyn...thanks for ALL of your snooping around into truly do have a lot of patience and logical thinking putting this together.

Thanks again.
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