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How would you respond?

Well, I opened my email tonight to find these two emails. How would you respond?
This is the first:
hello, well i got the shoes today and im disapointed... you said they were brand new but they arent you can tell in the back part of the shoe that they were wore because is kind of smashed like when you try to put shoes on babies... i compared them with some other timberlads i bought just in a bigger size and this look used... i dont think you should be advertising used stuff like new... im not happy

This came second, within an hour of the first. I didnt even have time to repond to the first one yet.:
after looking at your feedback i saw a lot of people that u sold stuff that wasnt new... i went and review the descriptions on the item that u sold me and it says new.. never worn...i looked at the pix butyou cant really tell from those pix. and like i said i compared them with the same type of she but in a bigger size and they look reallllyyy used the back part of it i still didnt leave you feedback because i want to fix this i dont like leaving negatinve feedback just like that.
If you are interested, here is a link to the auction she is referring to:
While she is dogging my feedback, I would also like to add I currently have a score of 1756 + feedback and a 99.8% average. She does have 100% but with only 10 feedback. How would you respond to this person?
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