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Reply to "How would you respond?"

Ok the quotes didnt work for me, I will just post it:
Oh I know you had some negative but a lot neutral and it said it was because
of stuff that it was advertised as new but it wasn't.... anyhow... the tag
on the tongue of the shoe is sooo faded is not even funny I just think is
sooo silly that you would advertise it as new I mean if its not then its
not.... I like the shoes I just thought it was wrong that u said they were
new. And so are you gonna pay for return shipping? If you are I will send
them right back my baby didn't try them on yet... what about the shipping
cost??? You should of specify all this and I wouldn't mind keeping the shoes
I paid 21.65 total for something that was false advertising... im not trying
to sound like a total a hole but I just think is wrong to false
advertise.... if u are paying for the shipping and I get back my money I
will return them

I really hate being called a liar. Since 95% of my things are used, why would I bother saying this was new if it wasnt?
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