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Reply to "How would you respond?"

She's Cursing? Oh that frosts me.

I would definitely take a few hours off and not look at her emails.

When she can behave in a business manner then I would respond. You could always notify her that eBay does not tolerate that sort of language (even though they don't give a flying flip, they'll just tell you to report to the authorities if you feel threatened)

Ya know, this is gonna seem awful, but...the only cursing emails I receive are from persons under the age of 30. I had one about 2 weeks ago and she had some pretty foul language sprinkled in my customers emails to me.

I stopped her short and told her when she could respond to me in a business-like professional manner then I would handle her request, but until then, I wouldn't be spoken to in that manner.

She then called me an old beeyatch (but she spelled the other way) and told me I needed to get with the times, that everyone talks that way now.

I waited 12 hours and responded in kind with that's right..I am what you say I am. I'm what you probably consider old. But I am not a female dog. Your emails have been forwarded to eBay's Safe Harbor so notes may be made in regards to our transaction. (like Safe harbor would care) I told her our communication was over until she could handle herself in a proper business-like manner.

Within 2 hours I received an apology email from her and we moved forward to complete our transaction.

Worthless little piece of eBay buyer crappola is what I wanted to say..but didn't. I'm not a prude by any means and have been known to pepper my sentences from time to time. But did she think that cursing, threatening and more towards me would intimidate me? Well, it didn't.

Walk away...Take a breather.

Forward everything you've got. If you need more reasons, I'll see if I have the links.

Pull her contact information..that would be good, too. eBay is going to advise you to do that. Plus, those that are angry in email? When you call them, they will normally calm right down. I had one customer last year that was hateful as all get out. I pulled her contact information. Called her and her phone number was disconnected. I reported her for inaccurate information on file.

I emailed her and notified her that I'd tried to call but the number was no longer working. She cursed me. I reported her. EBAY cancelled her account within 12 hours. YEAH!!!!

Good Luck!
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