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Reply to "How would you respond?"

This came second, within an hour of the first. I didnt even have time to repond to the first one yet.:
after looking at your feedback i saw a lot of people that u sold stuff that wasnt new... i went and review the descriptions on the item that u sold me and it says new.. never worn...i looked at the pix butyou cant really tell from those pix. and like i said i compared them with the same type of she but in a bigger size and they look reallllyyy used the back part of it i still didnt leave you feedback because i want to fix this i dont like leaving negatinve feedback just like that.
If you are interested, here is a link to the auction she is referring to:
While she is dogging my feedback, I would also like to add I currently have a score of 1756 + feedback and a 99.8% average. She does have 100% but with only 10 feedback. How would you respond to this person?

"i still didnt leave you feedback because i want to fix this i dont like leaving negatinve feedback just like that."

The bottom line is, the above statement is feedback extortion and IS against eBay rules. Period. End of discussion.

My initial response would have been. (assuming the shoes are 'new'),

(Buyers Name)

The shoes purchased are new. I do not and would never claim an item is new, unless it is indeed a new item. My long and positive feedback record clearly reflects many, many happy customers. I'm sorry, you're unhappy with the shoes. However, it is not because they aren't new shoes. It is the buyers' responsibility to know what size they require for an item. I see you've recently purchased two different shoe sizes. Perhaps, you've decided the larger size better suits your needs. Or prefer the larger shoes. Either way, it is not my responsibilty to provide you a return for buyers remorse. As all of my listings clearly state, I do not offer returns.

Your second email is a direct violation of eBay policy. No buyer can resort to feedback extortion as a means of obtaining a refund or anything for that matter. You cannot threaten negative feedback to obtain a refund. I see you have a feedback rating of 10. So, I'm going to give you the benefit of doubt that you're 'unaware' of this eBay feedback policy.

I have recorded and I am prepared to forward all correspondence between us regarding this transaction to eBay for review. Should you choose to leave me a negative feedback rating because I would not give into your feedback extortion, I will without a doubt forward all correspondence to eBay. In accordance with eBay policy, your bogus negative feedback will be removed.

I went above board and offered you a refund minus shipping having sold you a beautiful new pair of shoes and 'still' this isn't good enough? The shoes are new. I haven't done a single thing that warrants negative feedback. I consider this transaction closed.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

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