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Reply to "How would you respond?"

Originally posted by moodymama1024:
OK, now I get this:
see judging from your responses you are rude... i have the shoes because the ones i have are huge for my baby... and she is a only 3 weeks old. yeah all sales are final but u should at least be honest... i had a similar problem before but the seller actually told me the truth and kept the item i just think you are so rude. even from the feedback that was left for you and i was reading the responses you left they are pretty bad... i know what im gonna do. and u shouldnt be assuming that i want a refound because is the wrong size i got the same shoes size 5 now why would i go from a 5 to a 1 that is silly....

Now I am rude because I told her that I would no longer discuss this issue since she was resorting to feedback extortion.

Translation: You're rude because you won't give in to my demands.

Keep all of the correspondence for at least 90 days in an email folder. Just move on. Let it go.
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