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Reply to "How would you respond?"

Originally posted by JeffS:
What's funny about this entire thread is:

#1, this entire hassle is about $15 ($20 total). Refund the money and move on. Tell her to keep, or eat, or do anything she wants with the shoes. These people are not worth your time, especially for $15.

#2, you seem to think eBay gives a damn about you, the seller. You seem to think that reporting a user to ebay will do something. Sorry to be so cyincal, but ha, ha.

#3, you seem to think eBay will support you in "following the rules". The "rules" only work for eBay, not for you. See #2.

#4, I saw no "feedback extortion". She wants to work something out before leaving a negative or a positive. If you you think YOU are in the right, and don't care about the potential negative, then tell her "all sales final" and move on. You can't please everyone. If you think reporting this user to eBay for "feedback extortion" will do anything, see #2.

Sorry to be so overly negative. You have to try to work your problems out without eBay. I've had over 8 years of eBay and their BS. If it wasn't for the fact I still make some pocket money, I'd have nothing to do with this two faced greedy monster.

I disagree.

I would 'eat' a negative before I would refund .01 to a buyer who is trying to extort, control or get something for nothing. If it were $100, $1,000 or $10,000 would it then be a different matter? The money, isn't the point. Sellers shouldn't be held hostage to buyers who feel they have the right to totally disregard any and all of a sellers terms.

Even if a complete refund is given, guess what? The buyer can and many times will 'still' post a negative feedback rating. If by chance, they post a positive FB rating (having placed the fear of a negative into said seller and received whatever demands they made) now, this bogus buyer is passed onto the next seller without recourse.

This goes beyond money. Although, $15 isn't much, $15 times every buyer who pulls this type of crap adds up over time. It adds up in dollars and the feeling you are a prisoner to this type of buyer. Some people would rather grant such unfair demnads and move on. Hey, whatever works, I guess.

Not me. I will not be held prisoner to these type of buyers. If this buyer presisted on harrassing me, I would tell them to do whatever they feel they must do, and I would do the same. Then they would be blocked as a buyer and blocked from email correspondence.

If I had 1,700 positive feedback rating to a buyer with a mere 10...enough said. I'd eat the neg, respond to bogus neg and move on.

I do agree that getting caught up in some kind of transaction drama is a huge waste of time. It serves nothing and is unprofessional. A single email that's to the point, says all that needs to be said is all that's required.

I've had buyers try to muscle me with negative feedback. I've told them flat out, I will not be held hostage to feedback extortion and if they wanted to neg me to go right ahead.

Funny how not one of them has!

I have received 3 negs.

1) from a buyer who kept changing, delaying and not paying her bill. Who finally negged me because I couldn't take her credit card by telephone.

2) from an international buyer who won an item (if I had checked her FB prior to her winning, her bid would have been cancelled) she scammed me. I allowed her to pay via PayPal and 6 weeks later she claimed non-receipt. She then went on to do this to many, many sellers.

3) from a buyer who raved how much they LOVED their pants but how they were too small. They were suppose to return them for a merchandise credit...only to wait exactly 90 days and neg me.

I have yet, to receive a deserved negative feedback rating. Guess what? I have deserved to receive a couple of negs. The negs I've recived were underserved. Most negs you get will be undeserved. It's the nature of the poorly created eBay feedback system. Don't waste your time arguing with buyers. Stand your ground and move on.

On last thing, receiving a neg isn't the end of the world.

Let it go.
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