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I am fed up with this!!!

I have no idea what the heck is going on with Auctiva, but I can say this...if it continues I will no longer be a customer with this company.

1st, I have to continue to sign in. It wastes my time and patience.

2nd: Since they've changed there is NO spell check. I have to copy and paste everything in and it's another time waster.

3rd: We need immediate payment required to comply with Auctiva checkout. I've had two non-payments this week in my BIN auctions. It's a pain, another time waster. I get in a foul mood.

Ok, so I sound grouchy. I'm just tired of having to pass the nickel and dime to everyone when I only have pennies and the service gets worse!

Hummm, maybe I need to check out other companies.
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