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Reply to "I am here!! AND I LOVE IT!! (Madmoneyfrmu)"

Originally posted by ILoveCandles7:
Donna I gotta question for you. Is the lady here who did our flyers each month that we put in our packages??? Are we going to continue that? I really home so.

Nope, she's not.
She continued onto IF. But she's with us over at Auction Sellers Motivators Selling Board. that's what's good about that board is it's all folks who use different services but we can all get along.

Plus I have her email if you need it.

EDITED TO ADD: I got the email from Nora at the first of this month to see if I wanted to be included. I answered yes. I didn't hear back from her (which is unusual). I figured she might be all excited bout the transfer to a new listing service that she would be busy with that. I'll drop her a note..ok?

Lemme know!
Suthrnjewl @ Suthrnjewl dot com
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