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Reply to "I Did It eBay"

Originally posted by ssandee:
I clicked on your link Just Bon, you certainly have been working HARD to make your place on the net!
You are very inspirational and I am very impressed!

Do you mind if your song is posted elsewhere,other forums, of course giving you the credit?


Hi Sandy,

Thanks so much for your kind post and I'm glad you like my re-wording of a famous song Smile

It's kinda sad that I had to do it, as I've been with eBay for over seven years...but I think the site has now gone one step too far for me. It's no longer fun, like it used to be when I first started. eBay has made it hard for its sellers these days, with its constant fee hikes and now its upcoming changes to feedback.

(Steps off soapbox...)Yes, please use the song. I feel honored that you would think it good enough to post elsewhere Smile Just let me know where, as I'd love to see it "in print" somewhere else Wink

Take care,

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