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I'm getting MARRIED! BUY my stuff......PLEASE!!

Hello everyone....just a bit of wonderful news, I think (of course!).


So, of course my next dilema is....I HAVE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MONEY FOR THIS *sniff, sniff*

So I'm making my calls, searching for wedding and reception sites, etc, etc all within the "none-existent budget" LOL. oh well, the news is glorious anyway!

So, if all you WONDERFUL Auctiva users and ebayers would like to help support this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime event......BUY MY STUFF ~ kidding...well, not really *wink, wink*

So Donna (aka: Suthrnjewl) and anyone else whom I've chatted with over my many months here, if you'd like to check out the wonderfully cheesy web site I built about it...go to: It's just a little "quickie" web site I built, not many bells and whistles, but at least we're "out there"....hehehe.

Ok then, thanks everyone for the 'good luck wishes'.

Kathleen Big Grin
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