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Reply to "I'm Upset"

Yep. I won't post the links to my auctions on ANY eBay forum.

Sorry it happened to you.

I, myself, pulled a posting on this board within the last few weeks. When the recent <cough> invasion brought others to our safe haven of a message board and I saw the IPs traveling my auctions and more...I thought it was best to pull the post rather than have a rash of report this to eBay happenings. And as we all know, eBay cancels and never asks questions.

Yes, you're right...As we all know, some folks have too much time on their hands.

I've often thought that those that have too much time to stir up trouble should visit a nursing home & read to someone or volunteer to be a mentor at a nearby school or do hospice work. There's so much more to life than causing havoc in anothers life and it simply takes hitting the log off button on this box.

Shake it off, pickup your bootstraps and keep plugging along.

Leave that mess behind and start again!

Take care, Donna
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