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Reply to "Images"

Hi, Taz (Steve),

Well, that was interesting.

First thing I tried was to resize the header image as you described. I did try this both by revising from eBay and from Auctivia, just to see if it made any difference. From either place, I couldn't get to the code that references name="eBayBig" (I'm sure because that part of the page code isn't in the Auctivia template portions of the page). If I open the listing and view the source code for the entire web page from there, I can find that string--can even edit it either in WordPad or also if I open the file with an HTML editor (I've got Arachnophilia), but then I get stuck. Saving the revised file just saves it in the editor; it doesn't upload it to the server. ('Course, then this all got me thinking that, well, if I should theoretically be able to make these changes so easily, couldn't anyone else? But that's another issue entirely.)

The second thing I tried was your suggestion about resizing the images because of the slow loading. I figured this was probably happening (although I can't tell from here; we have a lightening-fast DSL connection--wired to the junction box and the combo workstation/server and then wireless to me and the third workstation on the LAN and still, like, instantaneous).

Now, I can get to the code for those images (at least for the slideshow display) from either eBay or Auctivia. But when I insert the resizing info and re-save the listing, I lose the image display (turns into that little red X box). I'm not sure if that's because of how the syntax is formatted for the image links in the code generated by the Auctivia Item Details Profile page. When I view the HTML in both the eBay and Auctivia editors, I can only find all of the images in one place--in the code for the slideshow images, and there the links are expressed as (e.g.):
aucpics[1].src=''; (with the URL in single quotes)

Since the tag also doesn't start with the phrase, quote, <img src=", quote, that's probably another meaningful distinction.

Anyway, I went ahead and tried adding the resizing info: (e.g., ... .jpg' width="427" height="320"<img src="/static/images/graemlins/icon_wink.gif" alt="Wink" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin:Wink--> and also, just for the heck of it: (e.g., ... .jpg' width='427' height='320'Wink, but just ended up with that darn little red X box in the revised listing again.

(And what's the deal with that silly little X box, anyway? Used to plague the heck out of me. I know it has something to do with file associations and plug-ins...)

Once again, with the second thing, if I view the source code for the full page, I can see the phrases I should be editing (they're not at the same places they appear to be at in the template editors, but I doubt that makes any difference), but I can't get to them from the template editors and don't know how to upload the saved changes from a full page editor.

How did you DO that (when you fixed it in your test auction)? Are you running eBay and Auctivia with all the paid ad-ons?

Edited to add:
--not sure what's up with the emoticons--I didn't put them in there! (substitute with a ";")
Thanks, Steve -- Lisa
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