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iPad Windows???? Anyone have ap similar that they use.

Does anyone have an an ap on their ipad that is like Windows, or similar where you can log into a site not using an ap. Just put in say:

IF you do could you send feedback on it in general.


Also, let me know if you use for listing on auctiva through it, logging in regular windows way...www....etc.,

I have an ipad and auctiva has AP but once you get a category it scrambles the categories, since i list in numerous categories is a time eater.
There are also other things like no multi-variation, etc.

Anyway, since auctiva has not been testing using through that system in ipad/phone thought I would ask if anyone out there uses.

HOPE this all makes sense..if not pls. ask question and I will do my best to clarify.

Thanks for any help anyone may offer.
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