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Reply to "java issues and vulnerabilities"

Hi Community,

Thanks for pointing out this change. I just had a chance to review this situation and I am now also seeing a message indicating that Java Platform SE 7 U11 (the latest version) is known to be vulnerable within Firefox, so it appears that a vulnerability with this version has been discovered since it was released earlier this week.

The following page of the Mozilla website contains some additional information contains some additional detail regarding why this plug-in has been blocked:

Although I am not seeing any similar warnings within the Chrome browser, for which the Auctiva Uploader also relies on Java, I personally feel that fact that Mozilla has flagged the latest version of Java as vulnerable is reason enough to be concerned.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the Auctiva Uploader does not rely on Java when used through the Internet Explorer so, if you are using a Windows machine, you could potentially disable Java and continue using the Auctiva Uploader by switching to the Internet Explorer browser.

Another option is to use the Basic HTML Uploader instead of the default Auctiva Uploader, but that uploader requires selecting each image from your computer individually and may be cumbersome to use when working with a large number of images.

If you would like to configure your account to use the Basic HTML Uploader when you are uploading from the lister page, just mouse over the “My Account” tab, select the “Acct Preferences” option under “Settings”, check the box next to “Use HTML Uploader on One-Page Lister” and then click the “Update Account Preferences” button below.

I assume that Java will be working to come out with a new update to address any vulnerabilities that remain and hopefully it will be made available soon.

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