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Reply to "java issues and vulnerabilities"

I don't think I put in details...itsjustme did and problem was same as her description.

I did start loading photos on Internet Explorer.

Auctiva...I did upload pictures other day which uploaded faster than foxfire.

BUT....with that being said, it came back FAST, VERY fast WHY I quit Internet Explorer last round. Changng pages is
S L O W....very S...L....O....W at times and that is problem. Some pages have not loaded at all i.e went from community to all sales, then tried to purchase insurance. the load insurance for the item I chose did not load at all. I gave up on it.

Yes, I cleared, closed, and that is not problem. This is ONLY site I have issue on also and always has been. I did speed test for internet carrier that was not issue either.

If we are going to have to use Explorer, the something has to be done to resolve speed of changing page issue.

Please let us know how to go around this speed issue??? As working changing browsers has become quite a challenge to my memory.
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